FLRMIST Innovative New Airbrush

Ever wondered how your favourite online influencers and beauty gurus get their make-up so on point? Ever envied your celebrity idols with their impeccably perfect make-up? It is time to step up your game with this revolutionary device: the FLRMIST (Flair Mist) Make Up Airbrush. And the best part is: you can do it all within the comfort of your own home. Launched in 2017 as Flair, this year, the brand is making a mark in the industry as FLRMIST.

Founded in 2014 by professional make-up artist Nadia Sadeli, FLRMIST is here to change your make-up routine in the best way possible. Nadia’s immense talent revolves around the use of an airbrush to apply the make-up. Her years of experience have given her knowledge about the inner workings of an airbrush, and how to best adapt it for use with the traditional make-up you may have at home.

Understanding that each consumer is unique and will want a range of different looks, Nadia knew from the beginning that the airbrush was going to have to be versatile. In addition, it would have to be able to work with traditional make-up and act as a complement rather than a replacement.

The result is a light, innovative airbrush and compressor set that would look at home next to any make-up kit. The various settings of the compressor are adjusted using a simple rotary dial. The compressor is able to provide pressure of 7 psi to 21 psi, covering a range of desired outcomes. Coming it at only half a kilogramme, along with its quiet and vibration-free operation, the FLRMIST airbrush also offers great portability.

The FLRMIST airbrush is the perfect unison of technology and cosmetics, giving users the best of both worlds. In addition to being revolutionary, the FLRMIST airbrush is also very user-friendly. Transitioning to airbrush make-up will be a breeze, even for those with minimal experience.

“Once you start airbrushing, it’s hard to go back 100 per cent to traditional make-up. When you want your look to be perfect from every angle, airbrush is the way to go,” explained Nadia. “By combining these two systems, I can achieve a soft flawless look, effortlessly. They truly complement each other.”

In her constant pursuit of cosmetic excellence, Nadia has also come up with a range of specialist products that work best with an airbrush. From primers to foundation, powders and effects palettes to lip gloss, the FLRMIST (Flair Mist) collection has it all.

For most well-heeled ladies who live in the big city, their appearance is always important. With myriad different activities and social events, keeping your make-up on point and flawless at any time is equally time-consuming and requires a major effort. Facing this dilemma, many of the ladies then resort to make-up artist services to ensure they look flawless and presentable for any occasion.

FLRMIST was lucky enough to gather these six Indonesian ladies from various professions across the capital city. Nindy Parasady Harsono is a singer and a public figure, while Renitasari Adrian is a well-known professional in society. The other four ladies are: Windy Hartanto, an art lover; as well as Miranthy Hakim; Ena Laurentia; and Nadia Sadeli—all entrepreneurs.

For these incredible women, having tight schedules, demanding careers, and social activities have their cost. Therefore, it is essential for them to wear easy-to-apply high-quality make-up brands. For this reason, FLRMIST plays an important role with its vision to bring convenience to a whole new level.

FLRMIST is an airbrush make-up series that is very applicable and gives flawless touches to your look—and is very durable, too: just like make-up from a professional. What makes FLRMIST different is the fact that it is water-based, making it friendly for all types of skin—even sensitive skin. Not only that, the application is very easy, as well. Just apply your make-up as usual and use the FLRMIST airbrush, which functions as a make-up sealant. American made and legally licensed, you can make FLRMIST your trustworthy new favourite airbrush make-up tool!